Friday, June 17, 2016

Last Day / First Day

Today was my last day of work, paid work at least.  After 40+ years of teaching it is time hang up the keyboard.  I started in a one room school with no electricity and 35 miles from the nearest phone.  I have worked with computers since the days of tubes and punch cards.  I started my doctoral program before Apple, Commodore Pets, and the TRS-80.  I remember wheeling in a VDT (video display terminal) and an acoustic modem to do a teaching demonstration in a class I was taking.  Today I used a smaller tablet to demonstrate using a quiz program based on a computer some place on the planet (I think) with the results displayed on the learners cell phone.  Things have changed.

I have spent the last 9 years as an edtech instructor and facilitator at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.  Before that I spent 34 years as a post secondary instructor in a small northern Canadian college and a technical institute.  Most of my early career was spent in one room schools and working with special education students.  What do I do now?

II will think & blog as I decide.  This is my personal/general function blog.  Dancing With Lady Wisdom is my mental playground for things religious.  I`m still interested in edtech so I will about Educational Technology.  Introduction to the Humanities 1 & 2 were my favorite courses to teach at the college.  The Humanities blog will be where I gather thought & ideas about doing & on-line version of the courses.  Net Reviews and Woodworking may sound like an odd combination but they are two of my main hobbies so the is the catch all hobby blog.  Who knows what will show up there.

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